M & S Mackie provide professional building services across South Australia on behalf of our providers, being the insurance companies, appointed assessors and loss adjusters.

We focus on providing consistency and cost-effective solutions whilst retaining a high level of quality.

We provide:

  • Do and charges

  • Quotes

  • Reports (including digital photographs)

  • Make safes

  • Emergency repairs

Our range of high quality building trade services include:

  • Insurance repairs

  • Property maintenance

  • Mould remediation

  • Flood remediation

  • Fire & smoke remediation

  • Strata specialists

  • Trade services

Restoration services

We are pleased to add the following range of restoration services:

  • Structural drying

  • Flood extraction

  • Mould remediation

  • Fire & smoke remediation

  • Odour removal

  • Contents management & restoration

  • Secure storage facilities

In addition to the above:

  • We provide information sheets to the policy holders at time of inspection, explaining our services and what to expect to occur during and after our inspection has been conducted.

  • We can also offer the services of an in-house Interior Designer who can provide guidance and advice for certain materials, for example, tiles, that are no longer available.

  • We manage our quality by using different techniques, this includes gathering statistical data, physical verification that on-site procedures are being adhered to, conducting cost evaluations and reviewing our processes.